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Embroidery of Heather Gabel’s “The Lovely Assistant” 

I gave this to Melissa for Christmas. It’s based on Heather Gabel’s The Lovely Assistant. I’m kind of meh about it to be honest. I think there’s more I could have done and some things I should have reworked (ahem, that face) but I’m going to use the “I was finishing up my first term of grad school” excuse and leave it at that.

Body Hair Embroideries Update 

It totally blew me away when even a handful of people have liked or reblogged my Body Hair Embroideries. Quickly that number started to rise, and I was taken aback when it reached 100 notes, then 200… Now that post is 2 notes away from reaching 1000, and I can hardly believe it. Mega mega thanks to anyone that has liked and/or reblogged it.

I wanted to (belatedly) update and say that two of those embroideries did end up in the small stories exhibition in Brooklyn, NYC. These are the two pieces:

Unfortunately I was not able to make it out to see the exhibition, but the curator, Joetta Maue, took photographs of the installed work, which can be seen at her blogpost here.

The original post, with all five embroideries, can be found here.

Embroidered Holiday Cards 

I’ve had these blank cards for years, so I finally decided to put them to use. I embroidered holiday designs on ‘em and shipped ‘em off. I just Googled “vintage christmas embroidery pattern” so the designs came from a variety of places. The pictures are lousy, but I couldn’t be bothered to take out my nice(r) camera.

Collaborative Embroidery Project 3 

Here’s the third embroidery I did for our collaborative project. It’s a cute flapper gal from Sublime Stitching’s Roaring 20s pattern.

Collaborative Embroidery Project 2 

Here is my second embroidery for the collaboration Melissa and I are doing. It got to her after Halloween, unfortunately, but grad school doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for embroidery projects. This was my first time working completely in satin stitch, and I had a lot of fun with it. I wish the folds in the fabric of the witch’s dress and cape were picked up by my camera, because they looked pretty nice if I do say so myself.

I think the kitty is my favorite part.

Hedgehog in the Fog Embroidery 

Here’s a little embroidery I made for Adrienne for her birthday. It’s based on “The Hedgehog in the Fog”.

Collaborative Embroidery Project 1 

Melissa and I are working on a collaborative emboidery project. There are two cloth napkins, which we work on and then send back and forth. Here’s our first ones. Melissa sent the super cute MN applique, and I decided to make a telephone booth. Here is Melissa’s post with her photo of the MN piece.

(Source: nicolemonjeau)

Working on some embroidery before heading out to the V&A Museum.

Working on some embroidery before heading out to the V&A Museum.

Pin Up Girl with Hairy Legs Embroidery 

Here’s a gal with some hairy legs! In case you missed my first hairy pin up girl, you can check here out here.

I loved working on her hair and her lingerie/swimsuit, but boy are faces hard to embroider!

Knitted Mittens 

Here’s a pair of mittens I knitted for my sister. They knit up super fast! Unless, like me, you finish half of one and wait nine months to finish the last one and a half mittens. Whoops. Here’s the pattern I used. I was knitting a bit looser on one, so that’s why one looks a bit bigger than the other.

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